Imaging Applications

Explore the wide range of applications covered by our light-sheet systems.

Organoids and spheroids

Long term imaging of a wide range of organoids.

  • Multi-positions long term imaging (up to weeks).
  • Easy sample mounting and medium exchange.
  • Wide range of organoid types (intestinal, pancreas, brain, gastruloids).

Formation of luminal structures in brain organoids, Akanksha Jain, Barbara Treutlein lab, D-BSSE Basel.

Intestinal organoids development from single cell, Gustavo de Medeiros, Prisca Liberali Lab, FMI Basel.


Ishihara et al.: Topological morphogenesis of neuroepithelial organoids
Nature Physics 2022

de Medeiros et al.: Multiscale light-sheet organoid imaging framework.
Nature Communication 2022

He et al.: Lineage recording in human cerebral organoids.
Nature Methods 2021

Oocytes and Embryos

Imaging of oocytes and embryos in micro-drop culture.

  • Precise temperature and CO2 and O2 control ensure optimal sample development.
  • Compatible with micro-drop culture.
  • High NA detection objective to resolve subcellular structures (e.g. single chromosome / kinetochores).

Mouse pre-implantation embryo from 2-cells zygote to blastocyst, Daine Pelzer, group of Jean Leon-Maitre Curie Insitute Paris.

Mouse Oocyte undegoing Meiosis I, Ninadini Sharma, group of Melina Schuh MPI Gottingen.


So et al. Mechanism of spindle pole organization and instability in human oocyte.
Science 2022

Blengini et al. Aurora kinase A is essential for meiosis in mouse oocytes.
Plos Genetics 2021

Dumortier et al.: Fracking and Ostwald ripening position the lumen of the mouse blastocyst.
Science 2019

Zebrafish and other model organisms

Imaging of a variety of model organisms at high resolution.

  • Large field of view up to 1mm.
  • Easy multi-positions imaging with no need of agarose embedding.
  • Automatic tracking of region of interest during time-lapse.

Dorsal view of Zebrafish somitogenesis, Olivier Venzin, Andrew Oates lab, EPFL Lausanne.

Automated online tracking of tail signal in Zebrafish embryo, Arianne Bercowsky, Andrew Oates lab, EPFL Lausanne.


Naganathan et al.: Left-right symmetry of zebrafish embryos requires somite surface tension.
Nature 2022

Ozelci et al. Deconstructing body axis morphogenesis in zebrafish embryos using robot-assisted tissue micromanipulation.
bioRvix 2022

LS2 Live

Discover the imaging capabilites and the tecnologies behind our latest microscope product

LS2 Live

Discover the imaging capabilites and the tecnologies behind our latest microscope product

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