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Viventis Microscopy started its development of light sheet microscopes in collaboration with the laboratory of Prisca Liberali at the Friedrich Miescher Institute (Basel) in 2016. The first microscope prototype was used in the Liberali’s lab to image for the first time intestinal organoids development from a single cell (Nature, 2019). In 2017 the company was incorporated in Lausanne (Switzerland) and since then it has its office and operation in the EPFL Innovation Park within the EPFL campus in Lausanne.

After the commercial release of its first product, LS1 Live, Viventis Microsopy has established itself as a credible player in light microscopy community having provided the microscope to top European research institutes.

Viventis team with its intrinsic knowledge of the hardware and software is equipped to deal with all applications and technical queries quickly. Hardware and software knowhow with-in the company, can provide quick support for technical and application questionsViventis is set to shape the future of light sheet imaging for stem cell/organoids and development biology research.

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